This trip is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

On our second and final day in Salvación, we had spaghetti for breakfast in a house belonging to a local woman named Esmeralda.  If you can have breakfast for dinner, why not dinner for breakfast I ask?  Anyway, after that, we finished the bamboo fence and hightailed it out of Salvación.  I was expecting to leave on some sort of bus, but we made our getaway on the back of an old pickup truck.  We shared the car with another passenger who had a laugh at our excitement over being able to see the streams we were driving over through holes the size of footballs in the truck bed.

No, that’s not a boat we’re on. We drove through the river on a pickup. That’s just how we roll. 

After our drive, we had to walk through the jungle to get to the river.  Even though we had to book it to reach the peke peke in time, we still managed to pick up a few fallen bananas by the path and enjoy a mid-day snack (yes, it always comes back to the food).  We continued to walk and came upon a group of cattle placidly grazing in the Amazon grasses.

There I was, happily munching my banana, ambling along behind the rest of our posse as per usual, when a massive bull came charging at me in a blur of horns and black fur.  The cattle herder yelled after him and raised a whip high in the air, but he was already too far ahead.

Fear would be a normal response in this sort of situation.  Instead, I was transfixed.  All I could do was stand there, a banana still dangling from my hand as I stared into the wild, curious eyes of this animal that was getting closer and closer by the millisecond.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was coming for a visit- not an attack- and soon enough, he froze right in his tracks a few yards away from me, looking at me with recognition.

Then the herder caught up with his charge and the moment was over.  The bull carried on as if nothing had happened and I followed suit.  But what did happen?  I asked myself.  What had set him off?  As I threw my peel into the brush, I realized that he was probably trying to steal my banana.  The nerve.

A cow similar to the bull that was after my banana.


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